Emotional Weight

I’d love to post a video of the following slam poetry later on when I’m at my home computer. I’ve performed it many times for different audiences, but I’ve never written it out. So, here it is for the first time in written form. Enjoy.

People say I lift a lot, but they’re just comparing me to them.

They say I lift a lot, but more often times than not you can spot me on a cot that I got not to squat but to watch TV a lot. There’s some honesty for ya’.

Though am I really moving weight? Am I holding on to pain done to me by another? Am I holding on to all those grudges? Do I hold anger and resentment in my heart? No….

You see, that’s a much greater weight than the 45-pound plates that I’ve placed on my plate. I wish there were more ways for me to demonstrate that hate is a much greater weight to manipulate especially in dire straights.


That many of the lives we see are uphill battles filled by a stream of never-ending adversity.

LET THAT WEIGHT FALL OFF YOUR SHOULDERS, and begin to see how easy it can be to flow through your life—like a fish in the sea. Now, I know that may seem corny, but if you believe then you can see that message here is the epitome of BEING…free.

Forgiveness is your friend. Let that weight fall off your shoulders.

Chance Ragan 2018
I always come back to this material when I feel myself starting to carry negativity in my subconscious. It has always been easier for me to carry positive emotions rather than negativity. I’ll no longer choose to weigh myself down with the needless habit of over-packing. I’m only bringing the necessities, and hatred is not one of them!

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