How to Wake Up Primed for Focus

My friends and I always share ideas about morning routines. However, many of them go straight to what’s their morning workout. I believe in getting your heart rate up right when you wake up. I think that’s a great way to prep your body for the day’s work ahead. I believe in daily meditation. This is a great way to achieve focus and concentration throughout your day. It can allow you to bring a feeling of constant peace as you tackle the day one item at a time. All this being said, I don’t plan to write an entire piece about morning routines. Those are abundant, and maybe I’ll share what I do in more detail later on. As for now, I want to talk about the most important part of my routine ever added.

As an aspiring speaker, I was young and eager to make an impact. I knew that this was going to require me to learn as much as I could in a short amount of time. In my down time working as a medical courier, I would listen to podcasts and “tapes”. Now, when I say tapes, I mean great speakers that have their material on YouTube. The reason I call those videos “tapes” is because of what inspired me to take a listen. It was Les Brown. I’ll paraphrase what he always says about this:

In the first 20 minutes of waking up, your brain is operating at 10.5 wavelengths per second. This is when your subconscious is at its most impressionable.

~Les Brown

I heard Mr. Brown say this many times before I took it seriously. I decided to incorporate this habit into my morning routine after moving across the country in pursuit of my career as a speaker. I can’t say that I do it every morning because I’m not perfect. I do, however, make a great effort to avoid missing a day. It’s just like meditation. If you fall off the horse, you may be a little slow to hop back on.

After seeing what results this habit can produce in my life, I now treat it as a vital part of starting my day. Many of the videos you’ll find on YouTube are longer than 20 minutes though. Sometimes, you can find something solid that is around 10 minutes, but that’s not often. From day to day, the process can look different. Some days, I wake up and I leisurely scroll through to find the winning video title, pick a video, then sit and listen until it is over. Other, more time-crunched days, I’ll have a video picked out before I go to sleep as to skip the searching process and maximize time for other things like exercise and writing. On days that are super crunched and I don’t have time for a routine at all, I will play one of those tapes over a portable speaker in the shower. I’m committed to the listening every single day.

Who you listen to is important because you want to listen to folks that match your flavor of inspiration. Are you a Gary Vaynerchuk type or a Eckhart Tolle type? Those are two very different styles of delivery for two different types of people. I listen to the people I wish to emulate. Those powerful speakers such as Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas (E.T. The Hip Hop Preacher), John Maxwell, and, of course, Les Brown. Listening to this combination of people in my waking moments has had a significant affect on my life.

I barely even need anything else to keep me focused on who I want to become or what I wish to create in this world. Some people use the sticky notes on the mirror method as reminders for mindfulness or as a grounding technique. Some people use daily affirmations to source what they wish to create through the law of attraction. Others read books filled with information concerning the line of work, lifestyle, or goals they wish to adopt into their lives. I do all these things almost daily. I can tell you that not only would these other habits not be as powerful, but they simply wouldn’t exist without this constant flow of motivation that I feed myself when I wake up.

Just as we can prime our mind and body, we can prime our soul by giving ourselves time to really think about our life and set the pace for ourselves right whenever we begin each day. I personally invite you to give this a go. It doesn’t matter if you are broke and struggling or rich and thriving. This method of priming yourself will absolutely influence how you walk, talk, speak, and think all day long.

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